ETA's Perfect Saturday!

ETA had a perfect Saturday starting with the article in the Guardian Home and Interiors Supplement and finishing off with an amazingly inspired theatre trip in Portobello Road, Notting Hill to see a play called "Unknown Island".

This got us thinking as much as we would like our article to be the centre of your universe there are the many amazing facets of life that add to the rich tapestry of your existence. And after having spent £2:90 on your copy of the newspaper we thought we could curate a path through the sea of text and show you what piqued our curiosity and save you a little time.

So prepare to read about the follow up to the archetypal architects flick Blade Runner 2049. The new Lego Experience designed by one of our heroes BIG Danish architecture firm. And in finance have a look at family budgeting from income to house prices and the state of the UK economy. There is also some interesting design conversation with James Dyson, Ruth Rogers the restauranteur and wife of Britain's foremost architect Richard, discusses food banks plus the politics of low price cabs and the Obama premiership. Enjoy your ETA curated read:

P5 Review: Blade Runner 2049
P15 Saturday Sketch: ...Graham Norton
P18 It takes 2 salaries to raise a family
P23 The Lego House
P28 Eyewitness: Pictures of the Week
P31 UK'S annual rate of growth slowest since 2013 & TFL and Uber Chiefs to meet...
P32 London house prices..
P33 Dyson seeks front seat...
P36 The Color of Power
P45 Interview: Ruth Rogers